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The Goldmine of Graphic Design

Finding a graphic designer for your job who has fresh ideas and the right set of skills to support your creative vision is an import part of any successful marketing plan. You can trust A Frame of Mine to handle your graphic design job right the first time and every time. We are the Delaware graphic design service known as “The Gold Mine of Graphic Design!”

Our Consultants

Michael Riley Michael J. Riley is a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia. He is a frequent participant in local and regional art exhibits. His work has appeared in several publications including medical textbooks, periodicals, as well as local, regional and national magazines. He began his professional career while still a student. Michael was commissioned by the Head of Surgery at the Hahnemann University Hospital to illustrate a chapter in a nationally published textbook.

Riley has provided creative services to banking institutions, law firms, educational consulting firms, construction companies and numerous other organizations and institutions. He is an excellent project manager and communications facilitator. He spent several years maintaining intranet sites and serving as liaison for marketing and compliance departments while employed in the banking industry.

Michael is passionate about community service and has served as a creative consultant to many churches, educational organizations, civic groups and other non-profits. Since 2007, he has served as the exclusive cover designer for the "August Quarterly Festival," one of the oldest continuous religious festivals in the country.

Michael is also a former Co-Host and Co-Producer of “In the Upper Room” television program, former Host and Producer of “From the Basement to the Upper Room” television program, and Founder of “UR Future Artists” live television talent showcase for children and young adults in Delaware and surrounding areas.

Getting Started

With over thirty years of experience in working with clients providing graphic design solutions for all types of jobs, our senior designer, Michael Riley, has spent his career learning what works and what doesn't. Hire Afromine for your graphic design job, and by the end of your free consultation, we shall have already begun processing and visualizing your concepts and working out an innovative graphic design strategy to bring your idea to life in a creatively-appealing and compelling way.

Helping our clients to visualize and realize their marketing objectives through effective communication and branding is always our aim in delivery a great creative customer service experience. Afromine establishes both a creative and personal bond with each client, while living the project from the beginning to its completion. Afromine provides a graphic design lifeline rather than simply meeting a deadline.

Discover “The Gold Mine of Graphic Design!” Call Michael Riley (302) 494-0231 or use our contact form (link) and submit your request for a free quote for your graphic design job.


Afromine Graphic Design Services

  • Brochures
  • Flyers and Posters
  • Logos and Graphics
  • Print and Electronic Ads
  • Television / Web Based Commercials
  • Event Marketing
  • Graphic Illustration